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Former Hindu Priests Comes to Christ

Rhema for the Nations is dedicated to translating God’s Word for people groups who do not have a Bible in their own language. Translating the Bible is more than just a task for us, we are driven by the purpose of giving the life-changing gift of God’s Word. We have seen in history, and we continue to see today, lives transformed by the Word of God. We believe that everyone deserves to at least hear this message once in their lifetime in a way that they can fully understand! 

In October 2019, Rhema for the Nations dedicated 9 newly translated New Testaments in various Indian languages. One of those languages was Pardhan. Our team among the Pardhan people group sent us a testimony from Kodapa Ramdas, a former Hindu Priest, who tells us how his life was transformed after hearing the Bible in his Pardhan language:

My name is Kodapa Ramdas. I come from a district of Asifabad in Telangana and belong to Pardhan community. I had been a Hindu priest for such a long time and involved a lot in idolatry. I used to become furious and irritated when people come and introduce me to Jesus Christ. But once, when I was having a dreadful sickness, I prayed to many idols, but continued to suffer from that sickness at length, and at last I came to the feet of Jesus to ask him to help my misery. As time passed by, the Lord Jesus Christ has dealt with my situation miraculously. I was changed by that incident and got baptized. During that time, I was reading the Bible in other languages I could understand but could not get them into my mind very clearly. But I came across the Pardhan New Testament that has been translated by Rhema for the Nations. I felt very happy to read the Bible in my own language, and it is so clear and understanding. I am glad to know that this Pardhan New Testament Bible that has been translated by Rhema for the Nations. I believe that this translation would bring people of my community to know the Real God. I thank Rhema for the Nations and all the supporters, who made this possible. Please do pray for me.

We hope that this testimony will be a blessing to you this week. It is through your faithful prayers and support that Rhema for the Nations is able to continue translating the Bible for people such as Kodapa. Please share this testimony with others and sign up for our newsletter for more stories and updates from us!

*Names, faces, and exact locations may be altered for security reasons. Feel free to send us a message to learn about the dangers some of our teams are facing. 

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