Who We Are

Rhema for the Nations was established 25 years ago to provide Bible translations and Christian discipleship to unreached and unengaged people groups. We are a non-profit, nondenominational Christian ministry dedicated to bringing God’s Word to every tribe, tongue, and nation.

What We Do

We reach out to unreached and unengaged people groups through Bible translation and community engagement. Because most of the remaining UUPG’s are oral communities, we focus on providing audio translations of the Bible rather than written translations. We also have outreach ministry programs as a means to meet the physical needs of impoverished and sick people and to share God’s message of Hope.

Why We Do It

We believe that everyone deserves to hear God’s life-giving, life-changing message in a way that they can fully understand. We have witnessed many lives transformed and miracles worked after people have heard the Word of God in their own language. We thank partnering ministries such as Seed Company and Wycliffe Bible Translators who help us thoroughly through our translation process.

Where We Work

We start our Bible translation projects in places where there is no scripture in a way that people can understand, particularly among the unreached and unengaged people groups in the world. Our teams are currently in Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Nigeria, alongside other unnamed countries.

Our Beliefs

Trusting Jesus Christ as our Savior, we believe in:

  • The Bible as the inspired Word of God
  • The diety of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son
  • The death of Jesus Christ for our sins, His resurrection, and His return
  • The presence and power of the Holy Spirit

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 'Rhema' Mean?

The word “Rhema” is a Greek word which means “the spoken word.” “the spoken word of God” or “the God-breathed word,” or a “spiritually enlightened understanding of the Word of God.” It is often used to differentiate between a spiritual and natural understanding of God’s Word.

What denomination does RFN belong to?

RFN is a non-denominational ministry that works with the rest of the Body of Christ.

Why does RFN focus on audio translations of the Bible?

UUPGs are mostly oral cultures. It isn’t uncommon for members of oral communities to not know how to read or write at all. This is why we deliver audio translations of the Bible, recorded in a dramatized format. It is the best way that members of oral communities can understand, relate to, and remember God’s Word. 

What is a UUPG?

UUPG stands for Unreached and Unengaged People Groups. They are people groups that currently have no known full-time workers involved in evangelism and church-planting. This means there is no Scripture available for these communities and no initiatives to provide Scripture have yet taken place.

How do UUPG's hear the translated Bible recordings?

We have a Digital audio player that we use to play dramatized Scripture recordings for communities we reach out to. We have digital audio players that run on solar, batteries, AC power, or cranking, depending on what is available in the area we are in.

These audio players are an integral part of our outreach ministry. You can donate an audio device to our teamhere

What parts of the Bible do you translate?

Our teams translate and record complete Old Testaments after completing a New Testament so that each people group has full access to God’s Love Letter to us.

We also translate 50 Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation while the New Testament translation is in progress. 

Is RFN associated with Rhema in Tulsa or South Africa?

RFN is not affiliated with these ministries. Of course as a part of the greater body of Christ, we see ourselves as brothers and sisters; however we have no governmental or organizational ties between us.