Scripture Engagement

Our Vision

Rhema for the Nations works beyond Bible Translation to engage unreached people groups with God’s Word. Our goal is to see people groups growing in a deep-rooted faith with other members of their community. Our teams engage people with Scripture through Bible Storying, Mark Evanglism, Listening Sessions, and more. You can read about each method of engagement below!

If you or your church would like to be involved in these discipleship movements, please contact us

Mark Evangelism

Mark Evangelism is a ministry in which our translation teams partner  with local church planting leaders to reach out to people in the community. Typically our teams, accompanied by a local leader, will visit people of the community door-to-door and offer to share an audio recording of God’s Word. This is often the first time that the person will hear God’s message in their own language!

We partake in Mark Evangelism because we believe everyone deserves to be exposed to the life-giving, life-changing message of God in a way that they can fully understand.

We invite those who responded positively to God’s Word to the nearby church, Jesus Film showing, or Listening Session (below) to be connected for further discipleship.

In places where there is no church or listening session already in place, we would gather all the people who expressed interest in God’s Word and begin a new Bible Listening Session. This group would continue to be discipled in God’s Word and be the start of a new church plant!

Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions are a time for people of the community to gather and listen to God’s Word be spoken in their own heart language on an mp3 device. This is often the first time they are hearing the Message be spoken in their own language! 

We hold listening sessions because we seek to provide access to God’s Word to unreached and unengaged people groups in a way that they can understand. Most UUPG’s are oral communities and are unfamiliar with writing and print; this is why we focus on audio translations that the community can listen to. 

Members of our Listening Sessions are often the start of a new church planting movement among their people group!


Storying is a method of evangelism in which we share the Bible  through stories, drama, pictures, songs, poems, etc. Our teams use Storying to train women to become leaders in sharing the Gospel and making disciples in their communities.

Sharing the Gospel through Storying has been proven to be a highly effective evangelism tool among Unreached and Unengaged People Groups, which are mostly oral communities. People of oral cultures love to hear the stories over and over again, memorizing them word-for-word, and sharing them with others. 

Donate an Audio Bible

Will you help us disciple our brothers and sisters in Christ by donating an audio bible?

Audio Bibles are an integral part of our outreach ministry to unreached people groups. Without these mp3 devices, our teams would not have a practical way of sharing God’s Word in a way that these oral communities could understand!

One Audio Bible will cost around $28.00 and will help disciple an entire village group. 

Through your donation, you are giving more than an mp3 device, you are giving the life-changing gift of God’s Word! 

select “Audio Bible” as your donation campaign and 100% of your gift will go towards an audio bible