Partner with Us

There are many different ways to partner with us. In order to see God’s word brought to all nations, we must work together as one body. There are over 450 Bible translations in English. 

Timor-Leste still does not have a full bible in their primary language. 

Donate to our Team or Donate a Verse

Partnership Opportunities

Timor-Leste Bible Translation Project

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Team Members

The translation team will be starting an audio bible of the language “Tetun-Dili”. The Tetun-Dili translation can also be used as a source for translating into the other languages of the country. This is the team for the first translation project. They are ready to see God’s word brought to their people in its entirety. Let’s join with them.

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Donate a Verse

There are 7,957 verse in the New Testament. Our goal is to finish this translation in under 5 years. The cost for the team to do one verse is approximately $10. Even one small contribution can help push forward the translation effort. If you prefer to just donate a small amount, donate a verse and we’ll send you our postcard with 1 verse on it. 

Your prayers will be more valuable than anything, so be sure to put it on your fridge!