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When God Heals the Wife of a Persecutor of the Church

If you don’t know about Rhema for the Nations, we are a Christian Ministry dedicated to translating the Bible into languages among unreached and unengaged people groups. We currently have translation teams working in 10 countries, translating the Bible in over 40 languages. Rhema for the Nations partners with organizations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators and Seed Company to carry out Bible translations, but we also focus in on engaging unreached people groups with God’s Word as it is being translated into their language. 

Often times, when we engage these people groups with Scripture, it is the very first time that they are hearing God’s Word in their own language. Our translation teams – our brothers and sisters in Christ – regularly report the miracles and testimonies that they are blessed to witness through their encounters. 

Today we are excited to share a story from our team in Vietnam of a husband and father, once held captive by addiction and vanity, witness the healing miracles of God and find new freedom in Jesus Christ! We hope you are blessed by this testimony and share it with your friends and family during this time where we all could use some encouraging news!

Keu's Testimony:

*names, faces, and exact locations are sometimes changed in order to protect the identity of those working and living in areas deemed unsafe for Christians.

“My name is Keu Hem. I grew up with little education and was married at a young age. My wife and I have seven children. In the past, I was always one who persecuted believers who have faith in God, because they believed in a God that was different than mine. I was also addicted to smoking cigarettes and drugs. I was even put in prison twice by the Vietnamese army. I was very impulsive, doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I lived half my life this way, in total vanity. And I had no one to help me to overcome my arrogant ways.

In 1995, my wife got very sick and my mother-in-law said that we needed to pray to evil spirits and ask for her healing. I did and eventually was controlled by them. It was a hard time in my life and difficult to see my wife so ill. And even though I was worshiping evil spirits and spending a lot of money on both demigods and doctors, nothing helped my wife improve. I began crying out over my wife’s sickness, thinking nobody heard. But there is an Almighty God who hears all people cry, and He heard my prayers and began to work on my wife’s behalf. God sent my wife an evangelist who came to my village to share the Good News. He shared God’s word with my wife and prayed for her. She started to feel a miracle of God in her body, right after she decided to accept Jesus. Then three months later, I put my faith in Jesus and received salvation.

I’m So much thankful to Jesus Christ for doing so many great things in my life!
May God bless you!”

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