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“Overflowing in Many Thanksgivings to God”

Where lies the value of a gift? As Paul raised funds to support both his ministry and to support the poor believers in Jerusalem, he seems to see three ways in which these gifts have value.

 “For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints…” (2 Cor 9:12a)

In a very real way, God uses gifts of financial support and supplies to meet the needs of the saints and allow them to continue in life and ministry. We believe alongside Paul that God is able to make us abound in every circumstance, and that He will supply all our needs(2 Cor 9:8), and we are thankful to God that many times He uses His Church to do so.

“…but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.” (2 Cor 9:12b)

A second value of a gift appears when the gift is received and bears the fruit of thanksgiving unto God. What a wondrous idea. How much is a single prayer of thanksgiving to God worth? Is it not too far to think that all the riches in the world are worthless in God’s sight when compared to a single praise from one of His saints? And yet, God is able to have such “unrighteous wealth” result in eternal riches (Luke 16:11).

“Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” (Phil 4:17)

Paul quotes Jesus in Acts 20:35 as having said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” So in a sense, Jesus said a gift has more value to the giver than the receiver. How strange, amazing, and contrary to the way of the world. In God’s economy, you always gain more than you give in Christ. Can a drop of joy be measured by weight in gold? And who knows what treasures await us in the Lord’s presence? Knowing the Lord’s character, we can be assured that whatever He gives to us will be indescribably greater than whatever we may give to Him.

We at Rhema thank you for your generous gifts, especially in this time of global hardship during COVID-19. We want you to know that, even more than supplying for the needs of our ministry and the needs of many pastors and evangelists we are able to partner with, your gift has produced a hundred fold crop in the praises of the saints. We believe this gift is of great benefit to you towards God. Hear just a few of these praises from the Lord’s saints:

Praise the Lord! My name is [        ]. I have been serving the Lord in a village for 15 years. Our family has been living on one thousand rupees a month and that money was also supported by someone else. There are times we had food and there are times we did not have due to financial crises. While we are facing such kinds of problems, it means a lot to us when you are providing these rice bags for me. We are so happy for Rhema for graciously inviting me and supporting me. I am not able to express how grateful I am to all of you who supported our family. We will be continuously praying for you all for His abundant blessing over your lives, families and professions. God bless you, thank you! 

Praise the Lord! My name is [           ]. I have been serving the Lord in a village. We really appreciate the work of Rhema to look on the misery of the pastors during Covid-19 crisis. We are provided with two rice bags which will be sufficient to our families for about two months. We will be praying for those who took part in supporting us. We pray that God may use Rhema more powerfully to help the poor in need and enrich them with the Word of God. We believe that God will reward you for this good work. May God bless you all. Thank you!



I am [    ] serving the Lord in         [      ], we had a small gathering of congregation serving lord faithfully, since 20 years pastoring in this small village, God is so faithful for us in every critical situation. Really these rice bags will help me and my family for the coming 2 months, I would like to thank Rhema for distributing this 50 kgs of rice. We will keep on praying for your ministry and kindness towards us.



*names, faces, and exact locations may be changed for security purposes

Thank you again to those of you who have given gifts to the ministry. We pray that all might give as the Lord leads them, and we rejoice in the true value those gifts have: to the giver, to the receiver, and to God.  May the world know,


“He has distributed freely; he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures forever; his horn is exalted in honor.” (Psalm 112:9)

-Rhema for the Nations

All Scripture quotations from the English Standard Version.

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